André Jurres

Even less than a year ago the European leaders were trembling and this because of a fear to have a shortage of gas during last winter.  Again this week it became clear that this can happen again. Hopefully Europe and its leaders start to understand that we need to take care ourselves when we think about our gas and electricity needs. Today Russian gas is only good for 20% for our needs but this will increase to 60% if we stay on this strategy.  Again I fear that we will choose the easy solution of importing our energy needs without going all the way in taking care of our needs ourselves. Not possible? That we will never know unless we try.  Personally I prefer building more nuclear for example instead of depending on foreign gas from a regime that leaves no doubt as far as its intentions are concerned.  We also need to think carefully of our mix of energy so that we do not become depended to much on one source or fuel.(as we are now with oil and gas).  The need of a European energy master plan is necessary more than ever.