André Jurres

Finally I would like to give you a number of interesting numbers coming from the International Energy Agency in their latest outlook.  When taking into account their 450 reference(most likely to be followed after Copenhagen, or at least partly as it provides more guarantees to provide assurance for supply of energy and limit impact on climate).
As the 450 proposal goes on top of the Reference program of 26 trillion dollars until 2030(total for transport, buildings and power sector, power sector accounts for 53% of this amount).  Although this amount is high it is relatively modest to the worlds GDP being 1.4% annually until 2030. The 450 proposal(to limit green house gases to a 450 ppm CO2 eq.)  adds another 10.5 trillion dollar over roughly the same period(2010-2030) in energy infrastructure and energy-related capital investments.  1.7 trillion dollars is directly related to new power plants.  Also important with relation to Copenhagen and a possible 450 scenario is the danger of delay, simple counted it is stated that every delay of a year adds at least 500 billion dollars to the cost to stay within the 450 limit.
Besides all the numbers this year organized European Power Generation summit was a success, especially thanks to the speakers and their high quality of their presentation.  This was the fourth year a participated to this summit and it was by far the best, I am sure next year will be another success if the organization follows the same line of structure and if so many more will participate to this summit.  What was also important were the many talks in the breaks and evenings were people continued their day sessions in a more informal way.  For me it was also pleasant to find my partners there from Dong energy and Delta energy who were present with high level people.  Also from a possible new ventures point of view I was offered to consider investments in not less than three countries.  Although we are focusing our efforts on the Benelux it is interesting to have future options of growth as our home market's potential is rather small compared to other countries due to its geography and demography.   With this I also would like to thank all people participating to this summit and provide me as chairman an easy three days.